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BabyApeFunClub Metaverse World

Welcome to BabyApeFunClub, we saw that we could not adapt to the real world; So we decided to create our own world. Where tiny primates from all walks of life rule an exclusive rainforest in a quiet little corner of the ever-growing metaverse.
Every member is represented by an exclusive Baby Ape NFT, each of which are hand-drawn by our partnered artist. With a unique art style, Baby Ape NFTs represent good vibes and individuality to all who encounter them.
Our project is 100% community-driven and utility-focused, welcoming NFT experts and newcomers alike to unite and craft a project that represents YOU.


BabyApeFunClub is a collection of 7777 unique Baby Ape NFTs.

  • 10 legendary BabyApe NFTs (8 of 10 are ready to be minted, 2 of 10 are reserved for world stars who will be our brand faces.)
  • 1000 exclusive BabyApe NFTs (30 of 1000 are ready to be minted.)
  • 6767 common BabyApeNFTs (50 of 6767 are ready to be minted.)

Every member is represented by an exclusive Baby Ape NFT, each of which are hand-drawn by our partnered artist. In the first instance, 1000 stakeable NFTs will be generated. Each BabyApe NFT has unique and unique features in the BabyApeFunClub metaworld.

BabyApeFunClub HODL2EARN Mechanism

For the long-term development of the BAFC family, the HODL2EARN mechanism was designed financially.
BabyApeFunClub is designed to meet all needs not only in Metaverse and NFT, but also in DeFi.
In this direction, 2% of every buy and 2% of every sell transaction is distributed to #BAFC holders & BAFC Stake platform was created with 40% APY award.
In other words, the #HODL2EARN mechanism reaches higher levels with Stake&Reflections. Our investors will continue to earn just by doing #HODL.
BabyApeFunClub STAKING: BAFC Staking Platform was specially designed by SphynxLabs. It is one of the fundamental dynamics of the HODL2EARN mechanism.
BabyApeFunClub holders can earn 40% APY by staking their $BAFC tokens in the BAFC Staking Pool.
(Stake for a minimum of 7 days; withdrawing prematurely results in a 10% penalty)
BabyApeFunClub SWAP: In order to meet all the needs of cryptocurrency and appeal to the whole world, not just Metaverse or NFT, BAFC aims to create an active DeFi platform.
BAFC Swap is specially designed for BabyApeFunClub with the support of KRA Finance.

BabyApeFunClub Life Changer LOTTERY

BabyApeFunClub aims to create their own millionaires. Accordingly, the BAFC Life Changer lottery system has been designed and is under construction. The necessary details will be shared with the community step by step.

BabyApeFunClub Store

BAFC will create its own style in order to become a worldwide brand and appeal to all humanity. The first steps of this are based on clothing. BabyApeFunClub special production Hoodies, Caps, Watches and Tshirts have been actively used by the teams and their families.

BAFC Store is under development in terms of digital marketing.
Apart from that, the use of BAFC collection products will become widespread in many fields such as football teams, world-famous stars and dance shows. This is one of our biggest goals.

In addition, BAFC Store is on a mission to help poor communities around the world. For this, great preparations and partnership studies are carried out in the background.

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BabyApeFunClub Founding Philosophy

BabyApeFunClub has been specially designed down to the smallest detail. As we said, we realized that we cannot adapt to the real world; We decided to create our own world. Team members names are Dream, Love, Hope, Smile and Angel; BabyApeFunClub is a mix of these.
Considering the social norms, laws and limits set by the states, unless we think like them and serve their ideals, we are condemned to be ostracized and seen as an insect. So the only rule in the BAFC family is to have fun and be positive.
Of course, everyone will invest financially and want to see a future. That’s why 99% read this article, 1% are unemployed 🙂
BabyApeFunClub was designed to be a globally recognized brand. You will run into the BAFC family at any football game, concert, cafe or street. You will see the BAFC emblem in world-famous stars and venues. This is our goal, we will work for it, we will fight. Those who do not believe in this dream, please do not invest. Because they will only hinder us.
Website, Social Platforms, partnerships, contract, everything has been redesigned. The first BAYC NFT was sold at 0.08 ETH. Currently 80ETH. It was valued 100 times. We are not saying we will be the new BAYC, we are saying we will fight for it. Tired of being bored now it’s BabyApe party time.


We think that we have created the safest contract as a result of the demands of our partnerships and the request of the team.
Contract has been reviewed and Audited by a great team.
Total Initial Supply: 1000000000000000 BAFC
50% of Total Supply was burned. 5% wallet is reserved for StakePool and Exchange Listings. 45% supply will be in circulation.
(A portion of the proceeds from NFT sales will be used for burn events.)
Total tax fee has been determined as 6%.
HODL2EARN mechanism was created with %2 Reflections and Stake. An investor friendly project is targeted.
2% is reserved for Tax Fee marketing activities.
2% Tax Fee is allocated to the BAFC Metaverse & Community development fund.
Liquidity will be locked along 2+ years/until 2025.


Roadmap will be gradually updated according to each step we take.
No unrealistic roadmap will be added in the form of copy paste.
Creation of the project idea, Creation of the project development team, Logo-Website design, Financial development plans etc. These are unnecessary details. Everyone has made an investment and should know future plans.
First of all, with the launch;
The number of holders will be increased to 15k as quickly as possible.
DexTools infos will be updated.
TrustWallet updates and BSCscan updates will be performed.
CMC & Coinecko listings will take place.
$ 15000 was spent on non-stop marketing. Marketing will continue actively.
PriceProtection wallet (We are breaking new ground in cryptocurrency, HOPE from our team came up with this idea to protect investors and build trust. In a negative situation that will occur within the first 48 hours, if the price drops, this wallet will step in and make purchases. A budget of 10000 dollars has been allocated for this protection program.)  will be active for 48 hours.
World stars and famous names of crypto will be called on Twitter.


BAFC l Dream
BAFC l Love
Marketing Menager
BAFC l Smile
Community Manager
BAFC l Angel
Web3 Enginer

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